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Scientia is a series of outreach research publications. Simply put, we connect people: scientists and educators, policy-makers and researchers, and the public and private sectors. We provide high-quality, technically sound, visually engaging, and relevant information for our vast audience of thinkers and explorers.

Importantly Scientia helps researchers communicate their findings beyond their specialty and into the wider world. Scientia offers the research community significant visibility and accessibility to those both inside and outside the community to take an interest in science and research. Often technical, scientific language serves as a barrier to creating social impact and that’s where our publication plays a vital role in reaching a global stakeholder network.

Latest Articles

Dr Huu Duc Vo | Dr Njuki Mureithi – Improving Aircraft Performance with Plasma Actuators

Aeroplanes are required to change their trajectory many times during a flight. A system of adjustable surfaces that manage lift is typically used to meet this requirement. However, Dr Huu Duc Vo and Dr Njuki Mureithi from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada, have...
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Dr Larysa Baraban – Professor Gianaurelio Cuniberti – Pioneering Nanotechnology Research for Macroscale Applications

Good things come in small packages. Dr Larysa Baraban, Professor Gianaurelio Cuniberti and their colleagues at TU Dresden, Germany, are leading the charge in the application of nanotechnology in fields as diverse as biotechnology, environmental protection and...
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Dr Marcellus Caldas | Dr Melinda Daniels – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Water Management

According to the WHO, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2025. Therefore, managing our water resources is vital, especially in a changing climate. On that front, an interdisciplinary team from Kansas State University, led by Dr...
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Dr Alfred Msezane – Negative Ion Formation in Complex Heavy Systems

When an electron is absorbed by a heavy atom or molecule, a heavy, negatively-charged ion is formed. These negative ions can be used for a wide array of useful applications, from organic solar cells to water purification. However, the electron absorption process for...
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Professor Roland Bender – Sex on the Brain – the Neurobiology of Sex Hormones

  The prevalence of anxiety and mood disorders is on the rise worldwide. Men and women experience different types of anxiety disorders at different rates – this may be partially due to sex specific differences in the brain. To understand this difference Professor...
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Dr Peter Krzystek – The Future of Forest Mapping

Having good knowledge of forest structures forms the basis for planning and management, and assessing the overall health of a woodland ecosystem. Over the past 15 years, automated remote sensing techniques for monitoring forests have become more widespread, allowing...
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Dr Wei-Chau Xie – Shaking Up the Physics of Vibration

  Nuclear power plants may be some of the most secure structures in our society, but when subjected to earthquakes, they have the potential to cause major disasters. Dr Wei-Chau Xie of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, is now developing algorithms...
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The Role of Policies in Managing Scarce Water Resources

Water scarcity and perverse policies may have severe effects on the environment, affecting society both directly and indirectly. A team from the Agrifood Research and Technology Center (CITA), the University of Zaragoza, the International Institute for Applied Systems...
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Dr Shikharesh Majumdar – Improving High Performance Data Analytics Platforms & Smart Systems: Resource Management and Middleware

  Our rapidly increasing production of data is straining computer infrastructures to unprecedented levels. As researchers develop much-needed coping mechanisms, Dr Shikharesh Majumdar at Carleton University focuses on two important solutions to the issue:...
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Greener Pastures: Transforming Land Management Practices in the Cattle Industry

In the face of global climate change and challenges to sustainable use of renewable resources, farmers and ranchers are continually seeking best management practices that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. To meet this need, researchers at Auburn...
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Latest Issues

Scientia Issue #118

  DYNAMIC APPROACHES TO HEALTHCARE   In this edition of Scientia, we meet many dedicated researchers across the globe who are tackling some of today’s biggest problems in healthcare and medicine. To open the edition, we have had the pleasure of speaking with FutSci and Orthopaedic Research UK, who discuss the future of science funding. Our first full section then takes us on a journey into the inner workings of the cell. By deciphering the signals and pathways within cells that control their basic functions, researchers...
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Scientia Issue #117

  REVELATIONS IN CONSERVATION & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE   Our ever-growing human population has led to drastic declines in Earth’s biodiversity, through various factors including climate change, habitat destruction and pollution. In fact, studies have estimated that Earth is losing species at a frequency of somewhere between 100 and 1000 times the normal background extinction rate, plunging the planet into its sixth mass extinction event. Therefore, concentrating our research efforts on preserving and restoring...
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Scientia Issue #116

SEISMIC SHIFTS IN EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE   It is my great pleasure to introduce this compelling edition of Scientia, where we showcase a diverse collection of research projects, on topics ranging from climate change to galaxy evolution. To kick-start the edition, we have had the opportunity to speak with Dr John Nemeth, former Executive Director and CEO of Sigma Xi – the Scientific Research Honor Society. In this exclusive interview, Dr Nemeth discusses the Society’s rich history, and the ways that its members have been...
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Scientia Issue #115

  SHIFTING PARADIGMS IN PHYSICS AND ENGINEERING   In this electrifying edition of Scientia, we showcase the work of various research groups across the globe, each dedicated to shifting paradigms in the diverse fields of physical science and engineering. To begin, we delve deep into the most fundamental building blocks of our Universe – the elementary particles. Here, we explore everything from the trillions of cosmic neutrinos that pass through our bodies every second, to the antimatter positrons used in medical imaging...
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Scientia Issue #114

  HUMAN HEALTH & HAPPINESS   In this diverse edition of Scientia, we explore the variety of ways that scientific research enhances our health and happiness, from cell biology to social science. We kick-start the edition by investigating human health at the most fundamental level – the molecular processes that occur in our cells. Here, we showcase the work of several researchers, each dedicated to unravelling these intricate mechanisms, and the ways in which they can go wrong. As we’ll see, this type of basic research lays...
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Scientia Issue #113

  CELEBRATING AND SUSTAINING LIFE ON EARTH   In this exciting new edition of Scientia, we celebrate our living planet, by showcasing a diverse collection of research projects dedicated to understanding life on Earth, and devising new ways to preserve and restore it. To open the issue, we have had the pleasure of speaking to Dr Hazel Norman, Executive Director of The British Ecological Society, who tells us about how the Society communicates worldleading ecological science, promotes diversity and collaboration within the field of...
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Scientia Issue #112

  FROM CLIMATE CHANGE TO THE COSMIC WEB   I am delighted to present this enticing new edition of Scientia, which covers a range of important research areas, from geology to climatology, and from aeronomy to astronomy. Mitigating disaster is one pressing theme that pervades this edition, and we start off by featuring research devoted to predicting devastating seismic events. Here, we showcase the work of two scientists, who are developing creative ways to forecast volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The lion’s share of this edition...
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Scientia Issue #111

  HIGHLIGHTS IN HEALTH RESEARCH   Fragility and mortality are inherent traits of every lifeform on Earth, and human beings are no exception. The complexity of biological systems means there are many things that can go wrong – and they frequently do. This vulnerability has driven the healthcare revolution over the last few decades, where modern research techniques and empirical evidence have resulted in our living longer and more comfortably than ever before. In this edition of Scientia, we celebrate some of the many researchers at...
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Scientia Issue #110

  CELEBRATING CELL BIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY   Cell biologists, biochemists and molecular biologists alike have illuminated many of the microscopic mechanisms essential to life on Earth. Because of their tireless efforts, we now understand the most fundamental processes that characterise living cells, such as the replication of DNA and its translation into proteins with specific amino acid sequences. This insight has given us a molecular basis for how the first unicellular life forms evolved into the vast multitude of different...
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Scientia Issue #109

FROM THE COSMOS TO LIFE ON EARTH It is my absolute pleasure to introduce this fascinating new edition of Scientia, where we explore the latest in earth, environmental and ecological research, with a pinch of cosmology thrown in for good measure. To open the issue, we start big – with the universe. Here, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Kiwamu Izumi, a scientist working at The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). Dr Izumi tells us all about LIGO’s ground-breaking gravitational waves discovery – reported...
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