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Scientia is an outreach publication and quite different to your typical scientific, peer-reviewed publication. We do not disclose researchers’ scientific results for the first time, we simply make (already peer-reviewed) research understandable and widely available to a broader audience, so that non-specialists can learn about the research and appreciate the significance of the results.

We believe that science should be communicated in a very understandable, enjoyable and accessible format. The majority of research is funded at government level through the tax-paying public, so we believe it is crucial to connect science and society without any restrictions.

Scientia is a series of research publications covering important issues in science, education and technology, with the sole aim of bridging the gap between science, education, policy, research, government and the private sector. The key aim of Scientia is not to change or challenge the traditional scientific publishing format; instead, we aim to complement this accepted form of dissemination – speaking in a new, easy-to-understand language. In doing so, we not only help researchers communicate their research to their own scientific community, but also to a wider audience, with the dual aims of establishing future research collaborations and developing direct stakeholder participation.

Scientia is entirely open access and barrier free. This means that regardless of whether you are the head of a lab in Japan, or a student in Norway, you do not pay to access the publication. This philosophy has been at our core since early development. We do not want any pay walls, subscribe walls or language walls – Scientia is completely free and open to everyone.

If you want to go beyond your usual publishing channels and reach a broad and diverse audience, then Scientia is for you.

What is Sci-comm


Science communication, or ‘sci-comm’ as it is affectionately known, is a young field with growing importance. Sci-comm is the practice of informing, educating, and raising awareness of science-related topics. This often refers to communicating to non-specialists, as opposed to expert-to-expert communication associated with scientific publishing.

Sci-comm is undertaken by a varied range of people and organisations, including scientists, journalists, institutional communications departments, freelance writers, and professional communication companies. Although they may produce sci-comm in different formats, they all have the same objective of communicating science in a concise format that provides enough information for specialists and non-specialist to understand. With over 3000 new science papers being published each day, it is important to accurately raise awareness of science and help people cut through the noise of over-publishing.

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Dissemination and Authorship


We assign a DOI to each article, and authorship is assigned to the profiled researcher of each article, for ease of referencing and searching. This allows the article’s impact to extend well beyond our own communication channels and reach.

All articles are published and printed in our publication and are available individually in our digital repository library on They can be read, downloaded, and shared by any visitor to the site.

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Editorial process


Where we are very different to traditional science publishing and other forms of ‘outreach’ publishing is that we actually write, edit, design, publish, and disseminate each article. We are not just a publisher; we are a professional science communication and editorial service for those wanting to present their research to a general audience.

Each article is written and designed by our team of skilled science writers and communicators. Our writers work to present the research in the most accessible way, so that people from all different backgrounds can understand its significance. Our team will work with you to produce an article that you are 100% confident in before publishing.

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Editorial packages and associated costs


Like many open access publishers, we do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all articles we publish freely available. Unlike scholarly open access publishers, we do not have an Article Processing Charge just to accept and publish your work. Our cost covers the full production from writing to design through to hosting, archiving and disseminating your article. This should not be compared to an open access fee or an article processing charge, this is a TOTAL cost that covers the full service we offer, we do so much more than just publish your work.

We have a number of options available so that we can cater to varying outreach budgets.

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