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With job opportunities and funding at a current low within academia, we are keen to support the science community and offer direct employment and income opportunities. We are always looking for new creative members to join our team to support and offer professional services to our clients and help advance scientific communication. Whether you are a dedicated professional wanting to become a permanent member of the team, or an active researcher wishing to supplement your income with ad hoc work, then please submit your CV and we shall be in touch.

Key selection criteria

  • Flair for writing – previous experience as a writer for a science magazine/website/blog 
  • Strong academic background – PhD level preferred
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Language proficiency, organisation, and diligence 

Why work with us?

Having learned how to be an effective science communicator and having read about public sci-comm consultancy work, you have quite possibly considered making public sci-comm your career focus, possibly even specialising in it as a field of study. 

Scientists are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to communicate science to the public. Moreover, given the significant change in the way information is disseminated and accessed, people want more from academic institutions and industry than ever before. As a result, broader science communication, is a growing area of importance. It is now widely accepted that science communication is a fundamental aspect of a scientist’s career. While many do recognise this, it can be a challenge to do it effectively. 

If you have the expertise and passion to help the public gain a better understanding of science, then you will be well suited to joining the team at Scientia.

Why is science communication important?

Good public sci-comm helps people make informed decisions and motivates them to take appropriate and affirmative action.

Good public sci-comm encourages everyday people to be scientifically literate so that they can analyse the integrity and legitimacy of information.

Good public sci-comm encourages people into STEM-related fields of study and employment, especially women and members of minority groups.

Good public sci-comm fosters a community around research that includes both members of the public, policymakers and scientists.

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