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Scientia is a series of outreach research publications. Simply put, we connect people: scientists and educators, policy-makers and researchers, and the public and private sectors. We provide high-quality, technically sound, visually engaging, and relevant information for our vast audience of thinkers and explorers.

Importantly Scientia helps researchers communicate their findings beyond their specialty and into the wider world. Scientia offers the research community significant visibility and accessibility to those both inside and outside the community to take an interest in science and research. Often technical, scientific language serves as a barrier to creating social impact and that’s where our publication plays a vital role in reaching a global stakeholder network.

Latest Articles

Dr Merari Feliciano-Rivera – Towards Sustainable Yam Production in Puerto Rico

  Yams provide a staple food source in Puerto Rico, supplying an essential source of nutrients and fibre. However, pests and disease have been severely diminishing local yields. To tackle this problem, Dr Merari Feliciano-Rivera and her team at the University of...
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Acequia Project – Empowering High Desert Communities Built for Change

The acequia communities of the southwestern United States build on traditional practices and knowledge to sustain community-managed irrigation systems. Interdisciplinary researchers from New Mexico State University, the University of New Mexico, Sandia National...
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Professor Pauline Schaap – From So Simple a Beginning – The Origins of Multicellularity

Professor Pauline Schaap at the University of Dundee combines elegant yet powerful evolutionary reconstruction approaches with genetic and biochemical methods to unpick the evolution of multicellularity in the social amoebas. Her ground-breaking work has provided a...
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Dr Jill Slinger – Promoting Inclusion in Environmental Policy Development

  Responding to global environmental change requires ongoing effort, and long-term success depends heavily upon the input of local communities. Moreover, if diverse viewpoints are included in policy development, then shared solutions and common goals are...
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Dr Partha P. Mukherjee – Improving Electrode Microstructural Dynamics & Battery Performance

Whether it be enabling renewable technologies, mobilising electric vehicles, or powering the electronic devices we carry, batteries are essential to modern life. As technology continues to advance, high-quality, long-lasting batteries are needed more than ever. Dr...
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Cylerus: An Innovative Approach to Vascular Drug Delivery

Prosthetic vascular grafts for dialysis access have a limited lifespan and usefulness due to inflammation, infection and especially blood vessel narrowing at the site of graft implantation. Consequently, patients need repeated surgeries to revise or replace the...
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Dr Lalit Pukhrambam – Targeting Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein: The Future for Treating Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the main causes of blindness in developed countries. Currently, there is no known cure. Dr Lalit Pukhrambam is working to change that. Along with his group at Wayne State University, he is investigating the influence that a molecule,...
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Professor Ulrich E. Schaible | Dr Tobias Dallenga – A New Approach to Tuberculosis Treatment

With the growing challenge of antibiotic resistance, developing alternative treatments for tuberculosis is vital. Elegant research led by Professor Ulrich E. Schaible and Dr Tobias Dallenga at the Research Center Borstel in Germany suggests that innate host immune...
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SFB 1083 – Collaborating to Study Interfaces in Miniaturised Materials

  Creating technologies from multiple materials with different physical properties can be hugely beneficial, but the process doesn’t come without its challenges. As we fabricate new devices, an understanding of the physics occurring at the interfaces where...
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COBRE – Raising the Bar in Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

Despite the high number of stroke survivors worldwide, research to help those with chronic disabilities after stroke has long been underemphasised. The Medical University of South Carolina’s Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Stroke Recovery aims to...
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Latest Issues

Scientia Issue #121

  SOLVING GLOBAL CHALLENGES THROUGH ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY   In this riveting edition of Scientia, we showcase the work of many dedicated researchers across the globe who are solving the world’s greatest challenges through engineering and technology research. To open the edition, we feature an exclusive interview with representatives of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) about the latest Gender Summit, whose aim is to make equality in research and innovation the norm. Here, we speak with the...
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Scientia Issue #120

  PUSHING FRONTIERS IN PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY   In this thrilling edition of Scientia, we celebrate the pioneering scientists driving the latest discoveries and innovations in physics and chemical science. To start, we deep dive into the quantum mechanical behaviour of subatomic particles, atoms and molecules. In this section, we meet researchers who are transforming our understanding of the weird and wonderful quantum world. We also introduce those who exploit quantum properties towards the development of futuristic...
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Scientia Issue #119

  PIONEERING APPROACHES TO INCLUSIVE EDUCATION   This special issue of Scientia focuses on enhancing education, ranging from early childhood schooling to postgraduate training and beyond, with a particular emphasis on STEM subjects. We explore an impressive range of initiatives aiming to promote uptake, retainment and achievement in STEM. In the first section of the edition, we look at the important work of researchers who recognise the necessity of introducing children to science at a young age. Here, we read how...
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Scientia Issue #118

  DYNAMIC APPROACHES TO HEALTHCARE   In this edition of Scientia, we meet many dedicated researchers across the globe who are tackling some of today’s biggest problems in healthcare and medicine. To open the edition, we have had the pleasure of speaking with FutSci and Orthopaedic Research UK, who discuss the future of science funding. Our first full section then takes us on a journey into the inner workings of the cell. By deciphering the signals and pathways within cells that control their basic functions, researchers...
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Scientia Issue #117

  REVELATIONS IN CONSERVATION & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE   Our ever-growing human population has led to drastic declines in Earth’s biodiversity, through various factors including climate change, habitat destruction and pollution. In fact, studies have estimated that Earth is losing species at a frequency of somewhere between 100 and 1000 times the normal background extinction rate, plunging the planet into its sixth mass extinction event. Therefore, concentrating our research efforts on preserving and restoring...
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Scientia Issue #116

SEISMIC SHIFTS IN EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE   It is my great pleasure to introduce this compelling edition of Scientia, where we showcase a diverse collection of research projects, on topics ranging from climate change to galaxy evolution. To kick-start the edition, we have had the opportunity to speak with Dr John Nemeth, former Executive Director and CEO of Sigma Xi – the Scientific Research Honor Society. In this exclusive interview, Dr Nemeth discusses the Society’s rich history, and the ways that its members have been...
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Scientia Issue #115

  SHIFTING PARADIGMS IN PHYSICS AND ENGINEERING   In this electrifying edition of Scientia, we showcase the work of various research groups across the globe, each dedicated to shifting paradigms in the diverse fields of physical science and engineering. To begin, we delve deep into the most fundamental building blocks of our Universe – the elementary particles. Here, we explore everything from the trillions of cosmic neutrinos that pass through our bodies every second, to the antimatter positrons used in medical imaging...
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Scientia Issue #114

  HUMAN HEALTH & HAPPINESS   In this diverse edition of Scientia, we explore the variety of ways that scientific research enhances our health and happiness, from cell biology to social science. We kick-start the edition by investigating human health at the most fundamental level – the molecular processes that occur in our cells. Here, we showcase the work of several researchers, each dedicated to unravelling these intricate mechanisms, and the ways in which they can go wrong. As we’ll see, this type of basic research lays...
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Scientia Issue #113

  CELEBRATING AND SUSTAINING LIFE ON EARTH   In this exciting new edition of Scientia, we celebrate our living planet, by showcasing a diverse collection of research projects dedicated to understanding life on Earth, and devising new ways to preserve and restore it. To open the issue, we have had the pleasure of speaking to Dr Hazel Norman, Executive Director of The British Ecological Society, who tells us about how the Society communicates worldleading ecological science, promotes diversity and collaboration within the field of...
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Scientia Issue #112

  FROM CLIMATE CHANGE TO THE COSMIC WEB   I am delighted to present this enticing new edition of Scientia, which covers a range of important research areas, from geology to climatology, and from aeronomy to astronomy. Mitigating disaster is one pressing theme that pervades this edition, and we start off by featuring research devoted to predicting devastating seismic events. Here, we showcase the work of two scientists, who are developing creative ways to forecast volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The lion’s share of this edition...
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