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Scientia Issue #125

Scientia Issue #125

  CELEBRATING DISCOVERY AND INNOVATION IN GENETIC SCIENCE   This important issue of Scientia showcases the vital work of scientists in the field of genetics, the branch of biology concerned with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity....

Scientia Issue #124

Scientia Issue #124

  COMBATTING CLIMATE CHANGE & ECOLOGICAL COLLAPSE   In this critical issue of Scientia, we address the two greatest threats that humanity has ever faced: climate change and ecological collapse. As two sides of the same coin, these human-induced...

Scientia Issue #123

Scientia Issue #123

  SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE   In this important edition of Scientia, we address one of the greatest challenges of our time – ensuring food security and agricultural sustainability into the future. Here, we feature a broad...

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The SETI Institute’s Earthling Project

The SETI Institute’s Earthling Project

An exciting new endeavour at the SETI Institute, the Earthling project, aims to connect humans around the world through the universal language of music. Charged with the task of creating music that represents us as humans, composer Felipe Pérez Santiago aims to foster...

The Royal Astronomical Society

The Royal Astronomical Society

  Established almost two centuries ago, the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) is the UK’s learned society dedicated to facilitating and promoting the study of astronomy, solar-system science and geophysics. In this exclusive interview, we speak with the Society’s...


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#Scientia issue #125 celebrates #scientists who drive forward #innovation in #genetics, from understanding #basicmechanisms to improving #health & #medicine. Read about the latest #research here: #genes #DNA #biology #globalhealth #treatment

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (@OHSUNews) are uncovering the importance of #glialcells working as bodyguards in the #brain to protect #neurons from #damage. Read more: #scicomm #Neurosciences

#Researchers at the German #Research Centre for #ArtificialIntelligence (@DFKI) have developed a new in-situ #verification method known as SELFIE. SELFIE ensures the safety & efficiency of #electronic systems within their real-world settings. Read more:

Recent changes in the #dairy industry have made #mastitis prevention difficult. #Researchers @MichiganStateU created a #farm evaluation & #education program for dairy workers, to improve food quality & #sustainability, & reduce #antibiotic use. Read more:

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