New Horizons in Research and Discovery

In this latest issue of Scientia, we showcase some of the most exciting recent advances in research and discovery. Disease, poverty, war, inequality, and climate change are just some of the global challenges for which we need urgent solutions. Our featured researchers provide a powerful reminder that we can change our world for the better. By opening new horizons across diverse research fields and disciplines, research and discovery can drive a brighter future for all.

Our first section is dedicated to the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. We consider the impact of arms technology on democracy, and how building resiliency in developing countries can improve the quality of life in communities. We also consider a novel intervention to reduce social isolation and depression in immigrants, and a revolutionary perspective on literacy research, practice, and policy. This section closes with a reflection on how worldviews shape scientific research.

Our second section focuses on Earth & Environmental Sciences. We show how studying naturally occurring climate phenomena can improve climate change predictions. We also consider the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems and reveal what happens at the junction between rivers and oceans. Water pollution from personal care products is an ongoing problem, and a new Eco-Innovation Ranking Method allows early assessment of the environmental impact. We also share how lasers enable researchers to identify how much snow is intercepted by forest canopies in colder regions, and introduce Project Super Soaker, where the sky is certainly not the limit!

In our third section, we look at fascinating advances in Life Sciences & Biology and Physical Sciences & Mathematics. We present a new theorem shedding light on the chemical evolution of life. We also showcase recent innovations in the teaching of cell biology, then conclude with advancements in machine learning and data science that promise significant improvements in analysing even the largest and most complex datasets.

In Medical & Health Sciences, we showcase new surgical techniques that transform patients’ lives. We also present new approaches to treating lung cancer and explain how technology is improving care in respiratory diseases. We consider how an abundant steroid hormone in the bloodstream can confer health benefits in ageing, and how studying lactate can help unravel some of the mysteries of metabolism. We show how chlamydia is best understood by adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, and how blood clotting risk can be reduced in haemato-oncology patients. We conclude by looking at how young people can be supported in managing their fertility health.

Our last section presents the latest developments in Psychology & Neuroscience, where Alzheimer’s disease is the specific focus of two leading researchers. We also consider the often neglected but complex problem of neurological disorders in prisoners. Our final article looks at the fascinating role of mirror neurons and their potential for use in stroke rehabilitation.




Published in the UK, by Science Diffusion ltd ISSN 2059-898X (online)




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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Catherine Deeprose

Mimi Jones


Julie Bénard


Thomas Anderson

John Didsbury

Anoushka Jones

Mike Taylor


Cesare Ardito, PhD

Sherwin Barretto, PhD

Richard Barron, PhD

Sara Ciucci, MA, LLM

Sarah Drury, PhD

Ingrid Fadelli, MA

Imogen Forbes, MSc

Adriana Furlotti, MPhil

Kelleigh Greene, PhD

Ľudmila Kučíková, PhD

Luisa Postlethwaite, MPharm

Helen Rickard, MSc

Molly Sandford-Ward, MS