Scientia Issue #132 | Breaking Boundaries in Physics & Technology

Sep 24, 2020Issues

In this exciting edition of Scientia, we showcase some of the latest discoveries and innovations across the interconnected fields of engineering, technology and the physical sciences.

To begin, our opening section celebrates scientists and engineers behind recent breakthroughs in medical technology. As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, decades of innovation in medical technology have enabled clinicians to save countless lives during this devastating pandemic.

From models that predict viral spread, to software that allows us to work from home, computing is also at the forefront of our fight against COVID-19. Therefore, the next section features researchers who harness computing and data science to tackle a variety of challenges – from protecting online privacy, to optimising treatment guidelines for patients with chronic conditions.

Our third section introduces researchers working across diverse fields of engineering – from those developing sophisticated robotic assistants to those creating new technology that can predict natural disasters.

Next, we report on some exciting developments in the critical field of materials science. In this penultimate section, we meet scientists who are developing new materials for advanced technologies – from nanoparticles for efficient solar cells, to organic coatings that protect metal from costly corrosion.

Our final section of this edition showcases the latest physics research, with a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of our physical reality. Here, we highlight a variety of fascinating projects, each dedicated to unravelling how matter behaves at its most fundamental level, while also laying the foundation for revolutionary new technologies.


Published in the UK, by Science Diffusion ltd ISSN 2059-8971 (print) ISSN 2059-898X (online)




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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Nelly Berg

Dr Catherine Deeprose  

Mimi Jones


Tom Render
Paris Allen
Mike King
James Phillips


Samuel Jarman, MSc
Ruth Kirk, PhD
Kelleigh Greene, MSc
Chris Harrison, PhD
Tyler Berrigan, BSc
Antony Walker, PhD
Leanne Fullwood, PhD
Kieran Hiller, BSc
Mark Braham, MSc
Joseph Willson, PhD



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