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Jan 29, 2021Issues

While the world’s attention is focused on eradicating COVID-19, we must not forget that unsustainable farming practices and the ensuing biodiversity declines were leading factors in the emergence of this devastating disease. To prevent future pandemics, we must now find new ways to feed the human population while also protecting and restoring Earth’s biodiversity. Such sustainable agricultural methods have a range of other positive impacts, including climate change mitigation, improved animal welfare, and reduced social inequality.

In this important edition, we meet researchers who strive to improve food production, and those who are finding new ways to boost biodiversity, towards a healthy, equitable and sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Our first section in this edition showcases research that seeks to develop fairer food systems. From helping family-run farms in the US to survive in the face of competition from industrialised farms, to developing nutritious baby food from a local and affordable yam in Cameroon, this section highlights a range of inspiring initiatives.

Next, we introduce scientists who develop eco-friendly farming practices that can keep up with the demands of a growing human population. In this section, we meet scientists who are working to reduce our reliance on toxic agrochemicals, and others focusing on how to improve soil health, so that biodiversity can thrive alongside our crops and livestock.

Our final section highlights the work of several pioneering ecologists. Here, we feature a selection of promising projects – from predicting the future of Puerto Rico’s forest ecosystems, to investigating landowners’ attitudes towards pollinator conservation, all with the aim of informing new strategies and programs that protect and restore Earth’s precious biodiversity.


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