Editorial Process

Where we are very different to traditional science publishing and other forms of ‘outreach’ publishing is that we actually write, edit, design, publish, and disseminate each article. We are not just a publisher; we are a professional science communication and editorial service for those wanting to present their research to a general audience.

Each article is written and designed by our team of skilled science writers and communicators. Our writers work to present the research in the most accessible way, so that people from all different backgrounds can understand its significance. Our team will work with you to produce an article that you are 100% confident in before publishing.

Here’s a quick overview of our simple 5 step article production model:



Step 1 – We simply ask that you provide us with the most relevant background material of your studies to date. These do not have to be written from scratch and could comprise of already available literature.




Step 2 – We ask you to note any key aspects of work you want us to highlight. That way we can tailor the piece to your personal goals and objectives.



Step 3 – We then produce a draft of the article, this is sent back to you for review and approval. We do not publish anything without your 100% approval.



Step 4 – We have a design team specifically for the visual part of the article, we value your input and any personal images or logos you want included in the article you simply pass over to our team and we will take care of the rest.



Step 5 – That’s it, job done and it shouldn’t take more than 2-4 hours of your time in total over 6 -12 weeks of production.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support you with your broader communication efforts, then please submit your contact information for a brief consultation with our publication manager.