Editorial packages and associated costs

Like many open access publishers, we do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all articles we publish freely available. Unlike scholarly open access publishers, we do not have an Article Processing Charge just to accept and publish your work. Our cost covers the full production process, from writing to design through to hosting, archiving and disseminating your article. This should not be compared to an open access fee or an article processing charge, this is a TOTAL cost that covers the full service we offer.

Due to our free readership model, our determination to avoid becoming an advertising generator, and the fact that our work is costly (especially due to our high standards), we rely on a financial contribution from the featured research teams to make the whole publication possible. We’ve found this to be key in keeping page space dedicated to research and not being governed by third party advertising. We try to make this as cost effective as possible and work to a very competitive pricing structure; this is not about generating large profits – it is to produce, publish and distribute the publication in a truly open access and barrier free format.

Which package is right for you?


With over 6000 new papers published daily, researchers must increasingly consider the socioeconomic impact of their work, which is much more than just the number of people who read their articles. With all of our editorial packages, you will receive professional science communication writing, editing, and design support. All material published will also be completely free and un-walled for anyone and everyone to access.
Each of our packages has been strategically developed to accommodate different communication and budget requirements. Learn a little more about our editorial packages and decide which is most suitable for your research.

Option 1 – Text
If you want a well-written, well-designed research summary that can be printed and used as a visitor or patient handout, or a conference takeaway, then this is for you. Our team will write, edit, and design a 4-page summary of your research, which is designed to reach a broad audience with various levels of understanding.

This option is for those who wish to reach a very broad and diverse audience though our network and beyond. Your article will be published in our article library in both PDF and HTML format; this enhances the web discoverability through search engines such as Google. We will also publish your article within a full magazine edition of Scientia, which is published in both print and digital format and through our social media channels, reaching over 100,000 readers.

Option 2 – Text and audio
Podcasts and audiobooks are a modern phenomenon and the fastest-growing communication tool to date. Recent analysis suggested that 75% of people would choose to listen to an audiobook than read text. With an estimated 285 million visually impaired people, and 700 million dyslexic people, we should also not underestimate the value that an audio service offers to a community who are often overlooked in academic publishing. With this package, you will receive all of the production and publishing benefits of option 2, but through our audio partner SciPod, we will turn your article into an audiobook and disseminate it through all major audio sites including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud, to name a few. This package is designed for those who want to reach an even larger audience and do something a little extra than normal.

Option 3 – Text and video
By 2022, video viewing will account for 82% of all internet traffic. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Yet, it isn’t actually a search engine. This highlights the importance and influence of video communication in the modern world. It is suggested that any topic is shared over 1200% more if a video option is available.

With this package, you will receive all of the production and publishing benefits of option 1, and we will also produce a 3 minute 2D animation about your research, which is then hosted alongside your article, and disseminated through our YouTube channel. This package is designed for those who want to reach an even larger audience and do something a little extra than normal.

Option 4 – Text, audio, and video
Cognitive differences mean some people absorb knowledge by reading, some people by listening, and others visually. This option is our multi-media package that has been designed to produce and disseminate your research by text, audio, and video. If you are truly passionate about outreach and science communication and want to reach and influence the widest possible audience, then this is the option for you. Including all the services and benefits of options 1, 2, and 3, whilst providing an overall cost saving across all 3 products.


Choose your dissemination requirements 

Article writing

Article editing

Graphic design

Digitally archived

Open access

Creative commons license

SEO optimised

HTML blog page

PDF printable booklet

Published and disseminated

Social media promotion

Audio-book creation

Audio-book publishing

Audio disseminated through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music

2D research animation creation

Animation publishing

Animation disseminated through YouTube 

Option 1 - Text


approximately $1950 USD / €1900


Option 2 -Text and audio


approximately $2550 USD / €2350

Option 3 -Text and video


approximately $3700 USD / €3500

Option 4 -Text, audio, and video


approximately $4150 USD / €3900


Low-to-middle income country fee support


To help support researchers who are unable to meet the costs associated with our article production process, we can provide a fee reduction based on the lead author’s geographic location.

Our fee reduction policy follows a two-tier approach:

Countries in Research4Life’s “Group A” will receive a 20% cost reduction.

Countries in Research4Life’s “Group B” will receive a 10% cost reduction.

Cost reduction requests outside of these two tiers will not be considered.