Publishing Cost

Like many open access publishers, we do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all articles we publish freely available. Unlike scholarly open access publishers, we do not have an Article Processing Charge just to accept and publish your work. Our cost covers the full production process, from writing to design through to hosting, archiving and disseminating your article. This should not be compared to an open access fee or an article processing charge, this is a TOTAL cost that covers the full service we offer.

Due to our free readership model, our determination to avoid becoming an advertising generator, and the fact that our work is costly (especially due to our high standards), we rely on a financial contribution from the featured research teams to make the whole publication possible. We’ve found this to be key in keeping page space dedicated to research and not being governed by third party advertising. We try to make this as cost effective as possible and work to a very competitive pricing structure; this is not about generating large profits – it is to produce, publish and distribute the publication in a truly open access and barrier free format.


Cost options



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Article writing

Article editing

Graphic design

Digitally archived

Open access

Creative commons

SEO optimised

HTML blog page

Printed publication


Social media promotion


Audio-book dissemination

2D animated video

Video dissemination

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€ 3900


If you are interested in learning more on how we can support you with your broader communication efforts, then please submit your details and we shall arrange brief consultation with our publication manager.