A well-designed infographic can simplify a complex subject into a thought-provoking visual display. Infographics are visually rich, engaging and fun, and they offer a quick way for a non-specialist to engage with a topic.

Infographics are growing in popularity and becoming an integral part of science communication. They often hold the key to making research understandable and accessible, and are a great addition to any research paper.



Our team will work with you to shape the message you want to deliver. We will develop scripts and narration before we move on to the exciting animating stage. We offer a complete end-to-end production service of a 2D animation, to turn your research into an eye-catching, informative message, allowing you to quickly reach your target audience and beyond.

Input your details and upload your paper through our online ordering system

Our team will assess and ask any questions needed to clarify the message of the infographic

The infographic is designed and sent to you for review and comment

The final infographic is provided to you as the copyright holder

Production time
3 weeks