Scientia Issue #122 | Revolutionary Developments in Psychology & Neuroscience

Dec 17, 2018Issues

This special issue of Scientia celebrates research exploring the inner workings of the human nervous system, with a particular focus on the brain. We meet many dedicated researchers in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and neurorehabilitation, who are progressing our understanding of neuronal and psychological functioning, as well as developing interventions for practical and clinical benefit.

Our first section in the issue delves deep into the fascinating world of human psychology. Here, we begin by investigating how the human brain processes and acquires language at different stages of development. In this section, we also explore the various genetic and environmental factors that put young people at risk for addiction later in life. We then conclude this section with an exclusive interview with MQ: Mental Health, in which we can read about the significant challenges facing mental health research worldwide.

Our middle section focuses on the latest developments in neuroscience research, where we meet researchers who are delving deeper into the biological mechanisms that take place within the brain. Importantly, we can read how improving our understanding of molecular and cellular processes in the brain – even at the early stages of foetal development – can help us develop treatments for devastating neurological and psychological conditions.

Finally, we move into the specialist field of neurorehabilitation. In this section, we present the work of scientists who show us how understanding the brain from psychological and neuroscientific perspectives can inform much-needed treatment innovations in the field of neurorehabilitation. We also meet researchers who combine the latest technologies with an improved understanding of the nervous system to benefit those affected by brain and spinal injury.


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Dr Catherine Deeprose  

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Katja Kunka
Paris Allen

Margaret Unkefer, MSc
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Molly Campbell, BSc
Ingrid Fadelli, BSc, MA
Sarah Lempriere, PhD
Patrick Bawn, MSc

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