Scientia Issue #125 | Celebrating Discovery and Innovation in Genetic Science

May 28, 2019Issues

This important issue of Scientia showcases the vital work of scientists in the field of genetics, the branch of biology concerned with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity. As a science, the study of genetics is thought to have commenced in the mid-19th century with Gregor Johann Mendel’s experiments in pea plants and his discovery of the fundamental laws of inheritance. Incredibly, this work escaped the attention of other scientists for more than three decades. But from the start of the 20th century, Mendel’s work triggered an explosion of further research, rapidly progressing our understanding of genes and how they function. Now, genetics is one of the fundamental cornerstones of modern biology, critical in its own right as a branch of science but also with far-reaching implications for other disciplines, including medicine and healthcare.

The first section in this edition is devoted to the essential study of genetics from a basic science perspective. Here we meet the researchers, who through the innovative development of techniques and methodologies, continue to advance our understanding of the function of genes and the specific mechanisms underlying key genetic processes. From revolutionising how we think about the origin of life itself to solving mysteries such as how our tiny human cells can hold our entire DNA, this section provides an enthralling account of contemporary and cutting-edge research in genetics.

Our second section explores the application of genetics to the improvement of healthcare and medicine. We meet the researchers who are using genetic science to make giant strides forward in tackling some of the biggest challenges of our age, from chronic obesity to cancer. We conclude this section and the overall issue with an exclusive interview with Dr Helen Rippon, the Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Cancer Research. This provides a timely reminder of the importance of sustaining funding into the basic sciences – such as genetics – in order to continue to advance the development of effective treatment of disease in our ever expanding and ageing global population.


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