Scientia Issue #127 | Strengthening the STEM Community Through Inclusive Education

Sep 9, 2019Issues


In this critical issue of Scientia, we showcase an inspiring array of projects, each seeking to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education worldwide. Ranging from early childhood schooling to postgraduate training and beyond, this impressive collection of initiatives aims to guarantee a strong and diverse STEM workforce into the future – one capable of addressing humanity’s greatest challenges.

To open the issue, we spoke with Dr Mel Sabella, president of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), a professional society dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in physics education. In this exclusive interview, Dr Sabella explains how the Association focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion to greatly enhance physics education in the US and further afield.

This leads us on to our first section in the issue, which explores a range of programs that aim to increase diversity within the STEM community. From exposing young people to relatable STEM role models from diverse backgrounds, to creating inclusive environments for underrepresented college students, we discuss several pioneering approaches that seek to widen opportunity and promote achievement in STEM across the broad spectrum of society.

In our second section of the issue, we focus specifically on new and innovative teaching methods. By encouraging active learning, facilitating student collaboration, and recognising the different needs and abilities of individuals in a classroom, the initiatives featured here are ensuring better academic outcomes for students, ultimately resulting in a stronger STEM community.

In the final section of this edition, we showcase a collection of targeted educational programs, each designed to address a shortage of highly skilled professionals in a specific area of STEM. From inspiring students to pursue careers in sustainable energy, to upskilling the global ocean science community, these pioneering projects are bridging critical skills gaps in the STEM workforce, allowing us to adequately address the growing challenges facing society.


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