Scientia Issue #131 | Building Brighter Futures Through Innovation in Psychology and Neuroscience

Sep 3, 2020Issues


This important and timely issue of Scientia showcases the scientists striving to build brighter futures for humankind through their pioneering endeavours across disciplines in psychology and neuroscience. At the current time, our generation is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. The pandemic – and the responses to the pandemic – have placed mental health as a priority onto the global agenda. Meanwhile, the emerging needs of our ever ageing population remain an urgent societal issue. These two topical themes feature prominently in this critical issue where we meet the dedicated scientists who are driving innovation to promote optimal mental and social well-being across the globe.

The first section in this edition is devoted to cognitive neuroscience, the study of the relationships between brain and behaviour. Here, we meet the researchers who are shedding light on the fascinating complexities of the brain. From explaining how we create the perception of a unified word to how we can communicate social information without even using words, this section provides an enthralling account of key and contemporary issues in cognitive neuroscience.

Our second section is dedicated to mental health. We open with an exclusive interview with Dr Rozainee Khairudin, President of the Malaysian Psychological Association, to gain a unique insight into current issues across the globe in psychology and mental health. We then meet the researchers who are striving to better understand potentially devastating psychological difficulties and those who are developing ground-breaking interventions to alleviate causes of psychological distress. We conclude this section with an exclusive interview with Oliver Glick, Policy Officer at the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, where we consider their vital work in promoting the psychological well-being of children in the UK, and the impact of the current pandemic on this very vulnerable sector of society.

Our third and final section celebrates recent advances related to the study of neurodegeneration and rehabilitation that have the potential to bring clinically significant improvements to the lives of many. Here, we meet the researchers who are directly confronting the challenges of ageing, disease and injury. From identifying novel compounds to treat currently incurable diseases to advancements in the newly emerging fields of neural engineering and neurophilic design, this section provides an exciting insight into the dramatic and revolutionary advances in healthcare we may see in the very near future.


Published in the UK, by Science Diffusion ltd ISSN 2059-8971 (print) ISSN 2059-898X (online)




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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Nelly Berg

Dr Catherine Deeprose  

Mimi Jones


Brad Lange
Katja Kunka
Paris Allen
Mike King
James Phillips


Emma Barratt, MSc
Ingrid Fadelli, BSc, MA
Emily Porter, PhD
Marie Sjoethun, PhD
Jess Smith, MSc
Margaret Unkefer, MSc
Cheryl Whiting, BSc
Joseph Wilson, PhD

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