Scientia Issue #141 | Celebrating Discovery and Innovation in Medical Science

May 23, 2022Issues

This riveting issue of Scientia provides an exciting insight into the future of health and healthcare with a vast array of new discoveries and innovative technologies in medical science. 

The first section showcases the dedicated efforts of researchers working to improve the prevention and diagnosis of disease. Here, we can read of vital work conducted at all stages across the lifespan, from preventing sudden unexpected infant death to treating ophthalmic disease in later life. We can also read about the important research aiming to improve health in low- to middle-income countries by targeting rabies, neonatal hypothermia and exposure to environmental contaminants, among other key concerns. We close this section with an exclusive interview with Nicola Perrin, Chief Executive of the Association of Medical Research Charities, where we can read of their vital work saving and improving lives through research and innovation. 

In the second section, we showcase the critical work of researchers pioneering the development of new drugs and interventions. From key methodological advances to support drug discovery efforts through to the identification of novel drug targets, we can read of the diverse ways in which the drugs of the future are being advanced. We can also read how gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms underpinning diseases such as diabetes is leading to the development of much-needed treatment interventions.

The third and final section is focused on the researchers boldly confronting the challenge of cancer. From understanding how tumours develop and progress, to how genetics and environmental factors can interact to influence the risk of cancer, to reducing the deleterious side effects of life-saving treatments, we can read of the inspiring, dedicated efforts to overcome this leading cause of death worldwide.




Published in the UK, by Science Diffusion ltd ISSN 2059-8971 (print) ISSN 2059-898X (online)




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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Nelly Berg

Dr Catherine Deeprose  

Mimi Jones


Katie Campbell


Paris Allen

Nicky Green

Mike Taylor

Elliot Stephens


Catherine Chalkley, MSc
Sarah Drury, PhD
Elizabeth Jarman, BSc
Aldo Olivieri, PhD
Sarah Probert, MSc


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