Scientia Issue #143 | Critical Advances in Understanding the Universe

May 19, 2023Issues


Welcome to the new format Scientia! Each edition will feature a variety of innovative projects across a wide breadth of research disciplines, which together, are contributing towards a greater understanding of the universe, humanity, and everything in between. In our increasingly complex and connected world, modern science often builds upon multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in propelling creativity and innovation. We embrace this by opening up the potential for the cross-pollination of the latest and most exciting research in our mission of connecting science and society.

Our first section is dedicated to key advances in the social sciences and humanities. From examining China’s new era of globalisation to retracing the history of radio-frequency management, this featured research provides a deeper and more global perspective of society, culture and history. 

The second section showcases recent research improving our understanding of the Earth and the environment. The overarching theme is on better understanding how and why climate change is taking place, and ultimately, what we can do to address this urgent problem.

Our third section celebrates innovation in engineering and technology. Here, we can read about exciting projects aiming to expand our knowledge of the universe by progressing solar system exploration. We also focus on research working towards more sustainable product and material manufacturing approaches, and highlight some incredible possibilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning across diverse applications.

Our fourth section is dedicated to the physical sciences – the branch of natural science that studies non-living systems including astronomy, physics and chemistry. From reading about the development of analytical tools to reveal the origin and history of molecules to the creation of stronger, more resilient plastics that can be easily recycled, the benefits of multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in science become readily apparent.

This issue would not be complete without our fifth and final section, devoted to exciting and innovative projects in the realms of education and training. Across all disciplines, we know that more inclusive and more diverse workforces can foster the expansion of ideas, broaden perspectives and promote new ways of thinking. Our featured projects represent researchers and educators committed to achieving these goals.




Published in the UK, by Science Diffusion ltd ISSN 2059-898X (online)




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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Catherine Deeprose

Dr Nelly Berg

Mimi Jones


Nicky Green 

Mike Taylor 

Thomas Anderson 

Charles Wright 


Kerri Agnew, PhD
James Apps, PhD
Richard Barron, PhD
Trystan Carter, MSc
Ingrid Fadelli, BSc, MA
Kelleigh Greene, MSc
Jasna Hodžić, PhD
Samuel Jarman, MSc
Elliot Mckernon, PhD
Kate Summerson, MSc