Scientia Issue #116 | Seismic Shifts in Earth and Space Science

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It is my great pleasure to introduce this compelling edition of Scientia, where we showcase a diverse collection of research projects, on topics ranging from climate change to galaxy evolution.

To kick-start the edition, we have had the opportunity to speak with Dr John Nemeth, former Executive Director and CEO of Sigma Xi – the Scientific Research Honor Society. In this exclusive interview, Dr Nemeth discusses the Society’s rich history, and the ways that its members have been working to encourage scientific integrity, promote science education, and much more.

Following this introduction, the first section of the magazine deals with the greatest challenge of our time – anthropogenic climate change. To predict and hopefully mitigate the most deleterious effects of climate change, thousands of scientists across the globe are working to accurately quantify its effects on sea levels, storm severity, flooding and drought. This type of research is vital, as it allows us to make the best possible evidence-based decisions to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and countless other species.

Next, in our planetary science section, we take a wider look at our home planet, and even venture deeper into the solar system. Here, we highlight several exciting projects, on themes ranging from how fractures develop deep within the Earth, to asteroid mining and investigating water on the Moon. We also meet a team of researchers who are developing technologies to help astronauts carry out spacecraft repairs on their way to Mars.

In our final section of the edition, we are plunged into the realms of cosmology and astronomy. Here, we meet four dedicated research teams, each striving to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos – how it came to be and what the future holds. From recreating the iconic Eagle Nebula Pillars in a laboratory, to simulating how the Universe evolved from the Big Bang until today, what better way is there to conclude this fascinating edition of Scientia.


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Meet The Team…

Nick Bagnall

Dr Nelly Berg  

Dr Catriona Houston  

Mimi Jones

Nick Powers
Brett Langenberg
Katja Kunka
Tom Render  

Margaret Unkefer, MSc
Stuart Henry Wilson, PhD
Joseph Pastorek, MD, JD
Jessica Bristow, PhD
Adrian Nissen, PhD
Alma Ionescu, BSc
Samuel Jarman, MSc
Stephen Nottingham, PhD
Carol Marzuola, MSc
Paul Smith, BEng
Clarissa Wright, MSc
Abigail Beall, MPhys

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