Scientia Issue #130 | New Horizons in Earth Science and Astronomy

May 14, 2020Issues

In these challenging and uncertain times, it is with great pleasure that I introduce this captivating edition of Scientia, which showcases a diverse collection of research, on topics ranging from climate change mitigation to stellar evolution.

The first section of the edition focuses on our changing climate. In the same way that the coronavirus response must be based on sound scientific evidence, solutions to the climate emergency must be rooted in robust research, to ensure maximum success. Here, we celebrate research groups that have contributed to the strong body of scientific evidence on climate change, and those that are developing effective, science-based solutions to mitigate its disastrous effects.

Next, our planetary science section begins by introducing scientists who develop new ways to predict other dangers that we face on Earth – from the threat of anomalous solar activity to major earthquakes. We then venture deeper into the solar system, where researchers are gaining fascinating insights into how the planets evolved, and how their atmospheres can help us understand Earth’s changing climate.

In the edition’s final section, we explore the mind-blowing fields of astrophysics and cosmology. Here, we meet three research groups who are shedding light on how stars and galaxies form and evolve. Our final article touches on one of the biggest questions in cosmology: are we alone in the universe? In an exclusive interview, Mr Pérez Santiago at the SETI Institute describes his new project, which aims to send music representing humanity into space; what a fantastic way to conclude this remarkable edition of Scientia.


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Nick Bagnall

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Mimi Jones


Brad Lange
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James Phillips


Samuel Jarman, MSc
Ruth Kirk, PhD
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Tyler Berrigan, BSc
Franco Normani, MSc
Stephanie Rose, PhD


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