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Get up to speed with Open Research and Plan S

Get up to speed with Open Research and Plan S

As you probably know, the academic publishing industry is changing fast. It’s hard to keep up-to-date with some recent developments, so we’ve put together this handy document to help you more easily and quickly understand relevant aspects of Open Research and, in particular, Plan S. Perhaps you’ve heard of these concepts but don’t understand what they mean, especially if you are a young researcher. In particular, how do funding agencies feel about Open Research and Open Access (OA) publishing, and what could this mean for your career?

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Closing the Gender Gap in Science

Closing the Gender Gap in Science

If you were to believe many advertising companies designing toys, T-shirts and science lab kit packaging, science isn’t attractive to girls. Yet, in the UK alone, 50% of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) enrolments, including medicine, are female postgraduates and undergraduates, with 61% of biological science and 79.4% of medicine undergraduates being women.

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